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This 36" diameter cast bronze seal is being destroyed by "The Hydraulic Claw" machine... which is one of the two available methods; claw or metal shear. This seal was ordered by a client in error. They returned it to us, and it was then turned in for scrap. When some plaques are returned, whether for client error, or for example, non-repairable casting issues, scrapping-recycling is an option. But because some metal graphics could be used in an un-authorized manner, verifiable destruction prior to scrapping-recycling is necessary. You may want to insure that your plaque image, as in this case, is "destroyed in your presence." Additionally, you may want to video-record and/or photograph the destruction. We've found that not all Metal Recyclers offer this service. Many do not have the equipment. To inhibit theft of metal materials, clients are asked to present a photo identification when turning in metal at the scale. After receiving a "payment value receipt" from the scale-operator, clients proceed to the cashier, where they're asked to provide their signature and thumbprint prior to being paid.     
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36" Diameter Cast Bronze plaque is destroyed by "The Hydraulic Claw" at our Metal Recycling Facility.......