Extortion 17... Called "The Deadliest Day in the War on Terror", a mission that has left Families, and fellow Veterans asking, "Why... and what more does the public not know...?"

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While there are other videos on Extortion 17... this Drudge Report will, in under ten minutes, explain this fateful mission, and the controversy surrounding our government's actions... and in-actions...

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In honor of the Anniversary of Extortion 17, August 6th 2011..... To be a part of any Military Memorial is a great honor. To have been called by Pat Spehar, father of Nicholas Spehar, a Navy Seal Team Member that participated and gave his life in this fateful operation, was a special responsibility. Pat explained his Son's mission and the desire to complete a Memorial to his Son and those lost. From this sad but very important project, I now know of Extortion 17. Like many Americans, I hadn't heard of it before. And from what I've learned, it appears our government would like to keep it that way. Without addressing the reasons, nor assigning rightful responsibility, Extortion 17 remains a "search for truth and change", by the families. The memorial is in Chisago, MN, Nicholas Spehar's home town.

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