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Welcome to Donor Trees and Donor Plaques...... 

New Expanded line of


Donor Trees and Plaques

to fit every "Budget...!"

Over 80 Years Serving the Recognition & Awards Industry

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Donor Recognition Programs can be "Ecomonical" and "Effective".....

‚Äč‚ÄčTake a look at our Newly Expanded line of our Donor Trees and Donor Plaques. With prices as low as $199 for a solid cast bronze donor tree, you can start your donor wall, and expand with additional or larger tree designs. And if you're looking for a perpetual-add on program, we offer master Solid Wood Plaques that use "Low-Cost Engraved Brass" donor plates... as low as $19/plate. For your custom donor programs, we can offer multi-media donor wall programs using metals, woods, plastics and glass.

You set your budget and we'll provide you with the options... Best Price and Quality... Guaranteed...!

Donor Trees and Plaques are some of most popular recognition product we offer..... When clients inquire about Donor Recognition Programs, they are usually thinking of "Custom Designed Walls." In fact, much of our donor recognition sales are built on COST EFFICIENT and READY TO GO trees and plaques. We make sure we can accomodate your budget... Trees start at under $250, and plaques as under $100...! We can help you design a Donor Recognition Program on any budget.