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Pasadena Rose Bowl Renovation Major Project

Bronze Caltrans Plaque Dedicating an Overpass

Southern California Bronze Company, Glendale, continues in its tradition of designing, casting and installing the 4 foot by 5 foot cast bronze plaques at the entrance to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Bruce Springsteen plaque, (etched bronze version shown below), will be given to "The Boss" as a honorarium-gift. The final cast bronze plaque will have a bas-relief, hand sculpted portrait of Springsteen in the same location as the photo in the etched plaque. The sculpting will use the photo shown as its guide. One of the most notable cast plaques supplied by SoCal Bronze is the Coach John McKay plaque, mounted on a major column at the front. 
Bruce Springsteen cast bronze plaque coming to L.A. Coliseum
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Bruce Springsteen Etched Bronze Version .....

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The Kenny Hahn (L.A. Supervisor) plaque is another SoCal Bronze Dedication Plaque that is recognized by so many of our Los Angeles locals

Actual Springsteen "in the crate".....