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Southern California Bronze Company remains one of the largest architectural signage distributors in the Western United States. In the 1990's alone, we have been involved with the design, distribution and installation of over 2500 different architectural sign projects. We work with specialized manufacturers including the largest bronze foundry in the world, Matthews Bronze, Cast Bronze, and Gemini Incorporated, the largest manufacturer of dimensional architectural letters. Our 50+ years of experience has given us the insight bronze distributor - bronze plaquesinto creating architectural signage of every description. We design and create these pieces utilizing a variety of metals and substrates including bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, hardwoods and glass. These materials are then cast, etched or machine cut to exact specifications. Our in-house graphics department will take your ideas and create design options for your consideration.

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Why Bronze?

If someone decides to commit a name or saying to a bronze plaque, it is probably because someone or some event was extremely important and memorable. Bronze can stand up to adverse weather conditions and will do so for a long time, so it is no wonder that bronze is the material of choice to remember important people and events.

Along with the basic engraved or embossed messages or logos, bronze has been expanded to include colors and photos on plaques of all sizes. Even though a bronze plaque is already very noticeable, the colors and photos provide a more contemporary effect to a metal that has been prominent for commemoration over many centuries. In addition, these extra touches make the bronze dance and help make the text on the plaque stand out better.

Even though bronze is very strong, it can still get damaged. Bronze plaques will have to be taken care of if they are to retain their attractiveness. Restorations are available from certain bronze artists, in addition to suggestions on how to keep the bronze beautiful and strong. Contact us today with any question regarding your bronze plaque needs.

Some FAQ's on our products

Brass is a combination metal of zinc and copper. The yellow material might also have tiny bits of other metals in it, but it is typically 33% zinc, and 67% copper. Messages will be etched by a computer program into brass, and then colored in with black enamel. This technique is a conventional one, and the computerized technology is able to provide a number of fonts and special characters into a small space. Sometimes, a picture can be included.

If the brass is put in the sun, the yellow will turn to a tan color. In order to polish the brass, you should use brass. But, be sure to mask off the edges of the plaque so as to keep it from coming into contact with the cleaner. Usually, this method is the cheapest way to purchase a recognition plaque.

Plaques Made of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a compound metal that must have at least 11% of chromium in it. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, rust, or stains when compared with plain steel. It will still stain, but not as much. This metal does not require maintenance. The color will remain true forever, and provides identical advantages to plaques made of brass in terms of what can be engraved.

Should you require professional installation or onsite etching of your architectural signage, or bronze plaques inquire about our experienced installation and onsite etching services.

Is your ceremonial date fast approaching? Inquire about our special Ceremonial Replica Plaques.

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